Looking for a better way to navigate COVID-19 for your organization?

The COVID-19 Compliance Coach App helps you manage the day-to-day tasks of your COVID-19 response so you can survive and thrive in the new normal.

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The Two-Minute Overview

To get a better idea of how our system provides your team an easy way to prepare, manage and track your pandemic response efforts, check out our quick overview video.

2-Minute Overview

Here you'll see how our powerful Administration Portal can help your organization manage your COVID-19 response, track compliance and communicate to your team. We'll also give you a glimpse into the Web App that your team can use to communicate their health status and stay informed.

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Health Screening

Ensure your teams are safe to report to work with our simple health screening tool. Team members answer three simple CDC-based questions on the app. And administrators can see at a glance who is safe to report to work.

  • Team members answer three simple questions before work
  • App provides CDC-recommended actions with health concerns
  • Administrators can view results for all team members and target follow-up
Organizational Health Screening

Vaccination Status Tracker (Optional)

Stay up to date on your team's coronavirus vaccination records. Simply input the individually disclosed status of each team member – according to whether they've had their first dose, second, or are still yet to receive their COVID-19 immunization.

Organizational Vaccination Tracking
  • Update vaccination status for individual team members (Vaccinated, In Progress, Not Vaccinated, Not Reporting)
  • Monitor progress from our secure admin dashboard
  • Export Vaccination Status Reports as needed

Response Planning and Communication

The CDC has community guidelines for high, medium and low levels of transmission. The COVID-19 Compliance Coach can help you create custom safety and continuity plans for your organization at each level of risk, then communicate them effectively to your team.

  • Consider how your organization should operate safely during high, medium and low community COVID transmission
  • Use the guided input tool to document your plans
  • Publish your completed plans for all team members
  • Make updates and send alerts as needed
Response Planning and Communication

Training & Certification on COVID-19 Basics

Arm your teams with COVID-19 core knowledge. Our engaging courses train your team on safety and business practices to stay healthy and serve your community with care.

  • Certify team members on COVID-19 safety and business operations
  • Engage your team with short interactive courses and certification quizzes
  • Ensure your teams understand core knowledge content
Training & Certification on COVID-19 Basics

These six courses* curated from the CDC, OSHA, FEMA, FTC, DHS and more.

  • COVID-19 Hazards & Prevention​
  • Effects of COVID-19 on Business​
  • Remote Service Models for Customers​
  • Telework Productivity Practices​
  • Cybersecurity Basics​
  • Safe Travel Practices​
* The CARES Act specifies that small businesses may be eligible for educational grants for these topics.

Easy for you. Easier for your team.

We've done all of the work – and we keep the content fresh. All you need to do is sign up for an account, upload your user list, and enter your Risk Response Plan. With our easy-to-use system and online Resource Center, you'll have your app ready to go in a matter of days. Once launched, you'll be able to monitor and track health reporting, and training progress, and post news and alerts with our user-friendly admin portal.

Your team will be able to access the web app on their mobile device or computer – whichever is most convenient for them. Once in the app, they'll have easy access to your Risk Response Plan, the daily Health Status survey, and the rest of the COVID-19 Compliance Coach resources and training.

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Pricing to Fit Your Needs

Join An Upcoming Live Demo

The best way to understand the power, convenience and benefits of the COVID-19 Compliance Coach platform is to see a live demo.

That's why we've set up three group demos per week - to give you the chance to see the system in action and understand how it can work for your organization.

To register for one of our live demos, click the button below and select a date that works for you. We'll join you on your selected date to walk through the system and give you time to ask questions or discuss implementation in your unique situation.

COVID Compliance Coach Webinars

Show your community you're prepared.

All COVID-19 Compliance Coach members will have access to the exclusive Active Member Seal. The seal shows your commitment to preparedness and responsible practices for the benefit of team members, customers — or in the case of school systems — students and their families.

COVID Compliance Coach Active Member Seal

COVID-19 Compliance Coach members will be able to download the Active Member Graphics Kit and display the Active Member Seal in your facilities, advertising and communications, including:

Print Advertising

  • Newspaper ads
  • Magazine ads
  • Direct mail
  • Billboards

Digital Communications

  • Websites
  • Banner ads
  • Social media posts
  • Email signatures

Facility Displays

  • Window clings
  • Floor decals
  • Exterior signage
  • Vehicle signage

What's included:

The Active Member Graphics Kit includes color, size and vector file variations for use in various formats and media.

Built on a Powerful Platform

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The COVID-19 Compliance Coach app is built on our Learn2Go platform – a pioneering mobile training service designed to help organizations train their team members more efficiently through on-the-job training, resources and coaching.

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